#Bloom with DonorUA: 47 donors donated blood at Creative State of Arsenal in Kyiv

2 February 2024, 15:57

On January 27, Creative State of Arsenal in Kyiv held a new on-site blood drive as part of the #Bloom with DonorUA campaign (photos are available here). 47 people donated blood to help military and civilian patients in Kyiv hospitals. Almost half of the donors gave blood for the first time.

The donation procedure was carried out by specialists from the Kyiv Regional Blood Service Center. Hospitals in the Kyiv region have been experiencing a constant shortage of all types of blood for many months. Therefore, doctors urge everyone to join the donor pool. In addition, blood is being collected throughout Ukraine to meet the needs of the front line.

The #Bloom campaign is dedicated to the beauty and benefits of blood donation. It highlights it as part of a quality lifestyle - modern, stylish and healthy. You can also support the campaign and DonorUA.