Growe`s team donated blood for more than 50 patiens at the Corporate Blood Donor Day event by DonorUA

6 February 2024, 13:36

On January 31, DonorUA hosted a corporate donor day for Growe. 19 donors gave blood for the needs of military and civilian patients. The collection was carried out by the team of the Kyiv Regional Blood Service Center.

"We welcome the Growe team to the DonorUA community. Thank you for your trust! Every Corporate Blood Donor Day event is special for us and for the company, because people who spend a lot of time together experience unique emotions by sharing blood. 19 donors is a volume of blood that can save more than 50 patients, both military and civilian," says Iryna Slavinska, co-founder of DonorUA and President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Donors of Ukraine.

The Сorporate Blood Donor Day events are an opportunity for businesses and government agencies to join the donor movement in an organized manner. Such events enhance corporate social responsibility of companies and the culture of donation in society. The funds raised by such events allow DonorUA to organize other thematic events to attract donors, conduct educational activities and fund donated blood deliveries to the frontline regions.