18 Liters of Blood Collected at Add Some Red Event by DonorUA

18 Liters of Blood Collected at Add Some Red Event by DonorUA

9 April 2024, 11:09

On April 6th, a new event within the monthly campaign "Add Some Red" by DonorUA took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Podil, Kyiv. 41 people donated blood to help military and civilian patients in the Kyiv region. Together, the donors provided 18.5 liters of blood, which can potentially save up to 120 lives. Photos from the event can be found via the link.

"Today's priority is the needs of the frontline. More than 60% of those killed in action on the frontlines perish due to blood loss. When there's an opportunity to evacuate the wounded and provide them with assistance, donor blood saves lives like nothing else. Most blood centers across Ukraine fulfill mobilization orders, and mobile donations also contribute to aiding the military. But civilians also require blood - patients with oncological diseases, victims of accidents and enemy shelling, and women in childbirth," says Iryna Slavinska, co-founder of DonorUA and president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Blood Donors.

Blood collection was conducted by specialists from the M.M. Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, where patients with complex conditions and wounded soldiers receive treatment. Medical professionals urge everyone without contraindications to join the donor movement to save lives on the frontlines and in the rear.

The traditional "Add Some Red" campaign is held monthly in Kyiv. The project's goal is not only to replenish blood supplies but also to show that blood donation can be comfortable and engaging.