Donor recruiting system and database

A ready-to-use digital system for interaction between blood stock producers and donors. Each side has convenient and simple interaction and management tools.

Benefits and functions for the producer of blood stocks:
  • formulation of the facility's work schedule and scheduling of donation times to avoid queues, which will allow to effectively manage the workload of employees;
  • effective and direct communication with donors through the platform;
  • tools for organizing remote work with the system for field teams;
  • automated process of printing donor questionnaires, sending medical test results to donors, and much more that can be useful for blood centers and donors.
User-friendly functions for donors:
  • receive up-to-date information on donation: plan your donations exactly where it is most necessary or convenient for you;
  • convenient planning: create your personal donation calendar, record previous donations and plan new ones;
  • enjoy the honorary status of a donor: receive bonuses and promotional offers from businesses that support blood donation.