DonorUA, together with Eldon Biologicals and Operation SafeDrop, launches an innovative project "My Blood Type/WWB"

The aim of the project is to involve people in the donor movement by determining their blood type

28 вересня 2023 року, 00:00

DonorUA, together with Eldon Biologicals and Operation SafeDrop, is launching the My Blood Type/WBB project, which will determine blood types in the population using the innovative EldonCard method - this procedure will take only 2-3 minutes. The project also aims to popularize blood donation in Ukraine and increase the resilience of Ukraine's healthcare system during and after the war in treating combat wounds and any serious injuries.

"For a long time now, blood group determination has been an interesting addition to some DonorUA events for those who, for one reason or another, do not donate blood that day. As it turned out, a huge number of Ukrainians do not know their blood type, or doubt the information that was written in their medical records in early childhood. The My Blood Type/WWB project covers a wider range of issues. Along with determining the groups, it involves informing people about the importance of blood donation, safety measures, etc.", comments Iryna Slavinska, co-founder of DonorUA and President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Blood Donors of Ukraine.

The DonorUA team, in cooperation with Operation SafeDrop and Eldon Biologicals, organizes training for doctors from all regions of Ukraine, who will be able to train their colleagues to work with the EldonCard system. As part of the project, blood types can be determined for up to five million citizens.

The goal of the project is to engage people in the donor movement by determining their blood type. It also involves training combat medics in field blood transfusiology and supporting the transportation of donated blood to the front line. One of the tasks is to provide combat medics with the necessary number of EldonCard test systems.

"Despite the fact that the soldiers wear chevrons with their blood type, in case of injury the blood type it is still required to be determined to minimize the risks during the transfusion. It is crucial to do this quickly, and EldonCard will help save time and save soldiers more effectively. Knowing your blood type is also important for civilians - in case of enemy fire or an accident, you need to act quickly. We approach this work comprehensively, so that as many civilians as possible know their blood type, and as many medics as possible are able to determine it quickly and accurately," adds Iryna Slavinska.

The first 20 doctors start training in Lviv this Friday.

For reference:

DonorUA is NGO and the only professional digital system for recruiting and navigating blood donors in Ukraine. It supports the work of 22 blood centers, cooperates with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, EU institutions, WHO, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Global Blood Fund. More than 7,000 patients have received targeted help through the platform, and it takes no more than 20 minutes to find a donor for a specific patient.

Operation SafeDrop is a project of the MAD Foundation aimed at supporting Ukraine and people here. The initiative covers such areas as civilian evacuation, humanitarian aid, assistance to communities in building shelters, restoration of critical infrastructure after the war, and free blood group determination throughout Ukraine.

Eldon Biologicals is a Danish manufacturer of EldonCard blood group test cards. The testing system is based on the use of special formulations of selected monoclonal antibodies. EldonCard tests are ISO-certified and CE-marked in the EU, approved by the FDA in the USA and registered with the relevant authorities in a number of other countries. Eldon Biologicals also holds the distinction of being an approved NATO vendor.


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