28 Dnipro citizens found out their blood type at the photo-exhibition for #Bloom with DonorUA campaign

7 листопада 2023 року, 00:00

On November 4, the #SeeIt photo project exhibition as part of #Bloom with DonorUA campaign, which promotes blood donation, opened at the MOST-City Shopping Mall in Dnipro. During the opening event, everyone could find out their blood type, and 28 residents of Dnipro took advantage. The exhibition itself will continue in MOST-City Shopping Mall until November 11.

"Blood group determining is an interactive activity that we organize as part of different our events. In this way, we not only raise people awareness about their own health, but also involve them in blood donation movement. In particular, the goal of the #Bloom with DonorUA campaign is to show that blood donation is not something complicated and specific, that it concerns all of us, that it is useful and even interesting. We promote blood donation not only as altruism, but as a part of healthy life style. After all, anyone can save a life", comments Iryna Slavinska, co-founder of DonorUA and President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Blood Donors of Ukraine.

The #SeeIt photo project is an exhibition of blood donor portraits supplemented by their personal stories. The people in these photos do not know each other, have different blood donation experiences, interests and values - they are united only by their desire to share blood and help people in this way. On the #Bloom with DonorUA campaign website, you can view the portraits and read the stories, as well as tell your own.

The #Bloom campaign is dedicated to the beauty and benefits of blood donation. It highlights it as part of a quality lifestyle - modern, stylish and healthy. You can also support the campaign and DonorUA.


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