Over 2 000 group blood donations by DonorUA for Teams in 2023

Over 2 000 group blood donations by DonorUA for Teams in 2023

2 лютого 2024 року, 15:53

In 2023, DonorUA launched new product - DonorUA for Teams - a solution for team and corporate blood donation. So far, 67 teams have experienced the new functionality and joined the donor movement in a centralized way, making a total of 2463 donations and collecting more than 1000 liters of blood. This brings hope for recovery to more than 7000 patients, including wounded defenders of Ukraine.

DonorUA for Teams is a useful tool for organizations of all sizes to unite current and potential donors into a community of like-minded people. The system can be used by companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, volunteer and other initiative groups, sports teams, or creative associations - any community interested in joining the donor movement together.

With DonorUA for Teams, you can establish your own donor community, join an existing one, or arrange the Corporate Donor Day event for your company to enhance your social impact. The system enables you to track team and individual activity, create sub-teams for friendly competition, set goals to meet blood needs of a city or region, and monitor progress and contributions.

Businesses can use this opportunity to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, which can increase employee engagement and loyalty. DonorUA for Teams turns donation into a new and interesting form of leisure for any team. Additionally, any registered donor on the DonorUA website can join any open team in the system and find like-minded people.

DonorUA for Teams offers both free and paid plans. The funds received enable DonorUA to implement new projects aimed at attracting blood donors, such as on-site donations, lectures, and information campaigns.


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